We have a number of women in our support group who wear both kinds of wigs and all of them look fabulous. It's personal choice at the end of the day and what you feel best in. However here is some information, which may help you decide what kind of wig you would like to wear. 


Synthetic Hair Wigs Synthetic hair wigs are crafted from man-made fibres. While most synthetic hair wigs are less expensive than human hair wigs, you do need to choose a higher priced wig if you want a more natural look. The higher the quality of the wig the more it will resemble human hair. 


The advantages to purchasing a synthetic hair wig are price and ease of wear. The wigs are less expensive than the human hair varieties and they hold their shape much better. Since these wigs are crafted of man-made materials the strands have "style memory" and are designed to snap back into shape after washing. Thus, synthetic hair wigs are truly wash and wear.


There are drawbacks to owning a synthetic hair wig. Depending on the style and quality these wigs cannot be restyled at home so a change in hairstyle is usually more expensive. Plus, you cannot change the colour of synthetic wigs once it is set at the factory. Before deciding between a human hair or synthetic hair wig it is best to speak with a wig specialist.


They can help you determine which type of wig would be best suited to your individual needs and preferences. Human Hair Wigs These hairpieces are crafted from real human hair that individuals sell to wig manufacturers.


Once the hair is sold the wig maker cleans, chemically treats, colours, cuts, and crafts the hair into a wig. Human hair wigs can be coloured to better match your natural hair colour and skin tone, they can be permed, cut, styled, and blow-dried. Human hair wigs are usually softer than synthetic hair wigs and offer a more natural, "real hair" looks to the wearer. Best of all, human hair wigs are usually more durable than synthetic wigs since human hair is stronger. The downsides to owning a real human hair wig are the price and the extent of care.


Most human hair wigs are very expensive. The hair that is bought must start out as all one length and must be at least ten inches long. This makes human hair more difficult to come by and more expensive to purchase. Plus, the real hair cuticle must be kept in the same direction when weaving a wig in order to reduce tangling and ensure that the hair "falls" naturally and smoothly. Human hair wigs also require more upkeep. Just like real hair, human hair wigs do not hold their shape after washing.


Each time you wash a human hair wig you must restyle it or take it back to the stylist for setting. Because these wigs don't hold their style permanently you must use more products on them to keep them looking good.