No matter what kind of Alopecia you have, you are entitled to a prescription, which will give you help towards the cost of buying alternative hair. If you are not entitled to help from the government with paying for the cost then the maximum amount you will pay for your prescription is £60.00. Normally your doctor will refer you to a dermatologist who will write you a prescription.


You are entitled to 2 prescriptions a year. Once you have your prescription you can then take it to YOUR choice of hair specialist it does not have to be a one your local NHS recommend. As long as your specialist can take NHS prescription then you can take it to them. Just inform you dermatologist this is what you want to do. 


Each health authority or primary care trust differs so consult your doctor who will refer you.However, you can get free alternative hair and fabric supports if you:  

are under 16 years old;

are aged 16, 17 or 18 and in fulltime education;

are a hospital inpatient;

have a valid war pension exemption certificate and the wig or fabric support is for your accepted disablement;

get or are included in an award of someone getting:Income Support;

Income based Jobseeker’s Allowance;

Income related Employment and Support Allowance;

Pension Credit Guarantee Credit;

are entitled to, or named on, a valid NHS tax credit exemption certificate;

or are named on a valid HC2 certificate. Partial help: if you are named on a valid HC3 certificate you might get some help. NHS wigs and fabric supports


Stock modacrylic wig 

Partial wig – human hair 

Full made-to-order wig – human hair 


You may decide upon a wig where you may have to contribute a little more towards the cost. The people providing you with the wig will explain this. This information is a guide only, for further information you will need to speak to your Consultant. Remember like many other paths of medication funding plays an important part of the prescription process. If you are rejected for help you may need to escalate your issue within the NHS Complaint Procedure Process.